Define Your Future. Create Your Strategic Plan. Align Your Company. Execute Flawlessly.

The speed at which markets, technology, and competitors change today means that CEOs have to work harder than ever to keep their company aligned with a shared, envisioned future state and strategy for growth. Plus, they need the ability to do this while transforming almost continuously.

The Planning for Growth process leverages Catlin & Cookman Group’s proprietary, proven Building the Profit Spiral® framework to give CEOs the fundamental elements necessary to grow and transform their companies through the Predictable Stages of Corporate Growth.

In a customized, multi-day, collaborative process, CEOs and their executive teams build their strategic plan and the operating system to achieve it. Throughout the sessions teams hone their creative thinking, group decision-making, and collaborative action planning. The final phase is the communication and roll-out to the entire company.

“Planning for Growth gave Antenna Software a great framework for fine-tuning our planning process and putting a growth strategy in place. They provided the exact tools we needed, mapped precisely to a company of our size. The Catlin & Cookman Group is an incredible asset to fast-growing, high-tech companies.”
James Hemmer, CEO, Antenna Software
High-Growth CEO Forum® Member and Consulting Client since 2005
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Key Planning For Growth Deliverables

Planning for Growth – Building the Profit Spiral® delivers foundational elements for scale and an agile process to change corporate direction quickly, effectively, and predictably as external and internal conditions change:

  1. Customer & Market Focus
  2. Mission/Core Purpose
  3. Ten-Year Goal
  4. Three-Year Envisioned Future State
  5. Critical Business Assumptions
  6. Strategic Growth Initiatives
  7. Annual Corporate Goals
  8. Planning & Communication Operating System
  9. Core Values
  10. Culture built for collaborative, creative thinking,  clarity of decision-making, and accountability


Outcomes from Planning for Growth — Building the Profit Spiral®

“The groundwork completed here should allow us to become the extraordinary company we all know we can be.  It’s exciting to see results taking shape. Teams already are working cross-functionally to drive the company forward.  The process has yielded benefits we could not have imagined.” 

— Participating Executive Team Member