BUILDING THE EXECUTIVE TEAM AS LEADERS OF GROWTH®Realize the Countless Benefits of Creating a High-Performance Executive Team

Outcomes Observed by Participants in Building the Executive Team as Leaders of Growth®

“We are working exceptionally well together, in both sub-groups and as a larger team.  We’ve improved how we interact with others, and take the time to consider how others think.”

“To make sure we capture the entire scope of a project or initiative, we are now talking about the different ways we should think about things.”

“It really helps to understand where people are coming from. I’m making a more active effort to seek other points of view and deliver information in ways that support other points of view.”

“We are communicating better with all stakeholders – BoD, employers, analysts, investors, and employees.”

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“Building the Executive Team as Leaders of Growth” helped us successfully integrate a large acquisition. I wanted everyone to get to know and understand each other quickly – and to be involved and aligned with the integration. The daylong session built trust and teamwork, and we came up with great ideas about how to streamline the integration. I have highly recommended this process to other CEOs who want to develop better understanding, communication, and alignment among their executive team members. The added benefit was tackling a pressing business issue at the same time.”
Jon McNeill, CEO, Enservio
High-Growth CEO Forum® Member and Consulting Client since 2011