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2.5.14  |  Author: Bouzha Cookman

Bouzha Cookman, Managing Partner Catlin & Cookman Group

This blog provides a way to share the challenges, best practices, lessons, motivations, pattern recognition, and stories gleaned from almost twenty years working with hundreds of dedicated, wonderful, smart, passionate CEOs.  CEOs who are determined to build great companies.

Some have journeyed through an IPO and continue to build pillar companies.  Some have sold their companies for a significant investor return.  Some have been glad to find a soft landing for employees and customers.   Some stayed with their company to work for an acquirer.  Some left and started again.  Many are still private, in different growth stages, and laser focused on getting to the next level.   

I asked my clients what this blog should be about.

One said “you have a unique view across a number of different situations and CEOs on an ongoing basis.  Try to find a way to summarize and sanitize the learnings.”   

Another told me “observations about common challenges is interesting since we all think that no one has ever faced the same challenges we face.” 

A third reminded me “you sit in a unique position as a trusted advisor to many CEOs and have an understanding of companies that many don’t.”  He added, “don’t be hung up on having to write HBR worthy stuff, make it personal and about your experience.”

We want this blog to be useful for them and useful for CEOs outside of our community who also deeply care about building exemplary, lasting companies.

In our confidential CEO Forums the impact of actions, decisions, and assumptions play out quarter after quarter, year after year.  Whether the journey ends in a “successful liquidity event” or not, it is never easy.  There is not one without high drama.  There is not one absent emotional rollercoasters.   We hope this blog can provide some helpful guideposts, sparks for reflection, and useful nuggets for those engaged in the company-building odyssey. 

Welcome to the CEO Corner.

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