How are successful investor-backed, high-growth, technology CEOs responding to the challenges of today’s rigorous business environment?

How do these CEOs develop the skills necessary to remain at the helm throughout the stages of growth?

How do CEOs make the critical decisions that lead to significant growth or a successful exit?

These are just some of the issues today’s entrepreneurs are grappling with. At Catlin & Cookman Group, we welcome media inquiries regarding our expertise in what it takes to succeed as the CEO of an investor-backed, high-growth, technology company. 

Panel Moderation/Speaking Engagements

Catlin & Cookman Group is experienced at panel moderation and speaking engagements. For example, the following panels were conceived and moderated by Managing Partner Bouzha Cookman over five consecutive years at the Nantucket Conference. They were consistently voted to be among the top three most well received sessions.

  • 2008:  Getting to the Tipping Point: The Keys to Getting New Ideas to Take Off
    with Colin Angle, CEO, iRobot, Don Bulens, CEO, EqualLogic, Jim Dolce, CEO, VeriVue, Eran Egozy, Co-founder and CTO, Harmonix Music Systems, John Rizzi, CEO, e-Dialog 
  • 2009:  Capitalizing on the Downturn, and Managing Toward the Recovery
    Aron Ain, CEO, Kronos, Jana Eggers, CEO, Spreadshirt, Christina Lampe-Onnerud, CEO, Boston-Power, Chris Stone, CEO, SiCortex , Christopher Zannetos, CEO, Courion
  • 2010 How CEOs Grow with their Companies
    with Bob Brennan, CEO, Iron Mountain, Diane Hessan, CEO, CommuniSpace, Scott Savitz, CEO, Shoebuy, Rob Seaver, CEO, Vivox
  • 2011:  Leading Toward (and Beyond) the IPO or Acquisition (MP3 file)
    with Scott Ernst, President, Compete, Michael Simon, CEO, LogMeIn
  • 2012 Growing Great Companies (MP3 file)
    with Andy Ory, CEO, Acme Packet & David Friend, CEO, Carbonite

We welcome your inquiries

“I fundamentally believe one of the reasons our company has been successful is that I have been a long-term member of the Catlin & Cookman Group High-Growth CEO Forum, which brings a set of actionable intellectual property around how to build a high-growth business.”